What is Meditation? How to Transform Yourself in One Second

Dada clarifies the inner meaning of the word "Meditation" because many viewers still are not completely clear about what exactly it is.

While meditation involves concentration, contemplation, exercise and deep thinking its more accurate meaning is "realization". Realization brings with it personal change and growth. Because the object of meditation is the limitless Consciousness, there is a need to constantly practice it and thereby increase our Realization of that Universal Being. We then become "It"-peace, love, joy and similar attributes all of which are part of that Infinite Spirit.

00:00 An important question
02:00 Contemplation and realization
05:02 Realization changes you immediately
08:47 Concentration to succeed in meditation
12:21 You become what you meditate on

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What is Meditation? How to Transform Yourself in One Second: https://youtu.be/QlTdEmKUEt0

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